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Thank you for visiting this website.


I am a convert (from Anglicanism) and have created this site mainly for those who are thinking seriously (perhaps for the first time) about the teaching of the Catholic Church. I hope the site will help you if – for example – you have ever wondered why the Church insists that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist, or why Catholics have such devotion to the Virgin Mary. If you admire, or abhor, the Catholic stance on abortion, the site may give you a new perspective on some of the issues arising.


If you are considering joining the Catholic Church, perhaps from the Church of England or perhaps from another faith or from no faith at all, you may be interested in the reflections shared by many who have taken that step before you. The Converts section contains many such insights.


If you really have no knowledge at all about Christian beliefs, the Why Believe? pages will provide a starting point, some basic thoughts about why Christians believe anything at all.


I hope to add new material gradually over the coming weeks. Please browse for now, but also come back and visit the site again soon!


Comments are always welcome. Please see the Contact page.






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